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Dependent Visa Overview

Dependent visa

A person with legal non-immigrant status or a permanent resident of the nation can apply for a dependant visa for their immediate family members. Having a competent adviser to guide you through the procedure is essential because the criteria for granting dependent visas to family members might vary widely from one country to the next. An individual's spouse, parents, children, and adopted children are all examples of direct relatives who may apply for a Dependent Visa.

You must send the completed application forms and a specific collection of supporting papers to apply for this visa. Filling out the form requires extreme caution to prevent mistakes. Rules and criteria for this visa vary by nation. These standards and expectations shift due to shifts in the global economy, local demands, the labour market, etc. Due to the fluidity of these components, it is implausible that an uninitiated person will know to navigate this procedure safely. You need the assistance of expert advisors like Flyurdream for this very reason.

If you and your non-marital partner have been living together for at least a year, you can apply for a dependent visa in countries like Canada. However, only a marriage certificate is required of married couples. Some nations permit citizens holding Dependent Visas to work a limited number of hours each week. Holders of a Student Visa may sponsor a dependent relative for a Dependent Visa. But the sponsor must promise that the dependent visa applicant will return to their home country.

Multiple forms and paperwork must be filed to begin the procedure. The presented documents must also serve to establish proof of the relationship. There must also be an attestation on the paperwork. Flyurdream makes it easy for our clients to get their Dependent visas by guiding them through the process.

Applicable To: UK, USA, Canada

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